About Me


A quick shot before departing…

Welcome to the Honorable profession of being a Railwayman!

In case you never noticed it: I LOVE TRAINS! In fact anything and everything to do with the Railways / Railway Industry as a whole.

I was born in Cape Town but stay in Gauteng, South Africa.

I have a lovely wife and two very intelligent sons, my parents are still alive and I have a sister.

I love to cook, go to movies, play Fantasy War-games, go with my Dad over Jeep Trails and I also enjoy reading – mainly about general knowledge; scientific and technical things, business, fantasy and some Sci-Fi.

I don’t really enjoy television unless its Comedy, National Geographic, History Channel or a really good series.

Currently I work as a Train Driver, but have other duties at work such as helping make Symposiums, Safety Posters, give Practical Training and recently became a qualified Facilitator and Assessor.

I have also produced a Road knowledge Book for work which will soon incorporate a second book I’ve made called Commentator and Risk Triggered Commentary Driving.


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