Driver’s Diary: Wednesday, 18 June 2014; Shift 7 – Depot


Today I had quite a nice shift that entailed me taking a Dead Head train out of the Depot to start service at the Golden Railway’s most northern station. After that it would be a few trips south and back, break and then a final trip south. From the southern station, I would be passenger midway to take the shuttle to the Depot.

The day went smoothly up until the last trip (It’s always the last trip, isn’t it?), where the traction motors on one of the cars cut out (this is a safety precaution on modern EMUs and there are a variety of reasons why this may happen – beyond the scope of this blogpost).

Now, when driving a train, one has to use your whole body and mind – besides knowing what to do, you should also feel when something is not right. I departed Southbound on time, but, when I notched the TBC to Full Power, I felt that the train didn’t seem to have the same power as usual.

No faults appeared on the Touch Screen, so I navigated to the screen that shows me the Traction Status of the train, it was here that I noticed the Traction Motors on the one car were isolated.

I called Control to inform them of the problem because the climb out of the station is quite tough and a delay was inevitable. The Signaler called the Maintainer who in turn called me to find out the problem. The Maintainer asked me if it was possible reset the train and I said I would at the next possible convenience – in this case the next station.

After stopping and releasing the doors, we were off again – the fault removed – in under a minute. Afterwards, I called the Maintainer and Control to inform them that the problem was resolved. Control informed me I was running two minutes late, but when I arrived at the last station, I was only one minute late.


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