Coming out of Regen too soon – A Short Story

One day Bennie and his assistant were driving from Booysens to Kaserne with a load of Cement Wagons. The signal at Kaserne was at danger, Bennie made a full brake application but the train stayed in regenerative braking (the Armature Ammeter registered 100Amps and Field Ammeter registered 150Amps).

Without making a full application of the Locomotive Brake, to prevent the locomotives from running out of the load, he notched the Accelerator Lever to Off and the Regenerative Lever to Motoring, this action caused the train to jerk violently and the poor Train Assistant flew from his seat and landed on the floor.

Needless to say, the Assistant was not impressed with Bennie’s train handling skills. After that, Bennie felt so bad that he couldn’t apologize enough!


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