Comparison of Train Drivers’ Kitboxes/bags in South Africa

Good afternoon my friends!

I thought that it would be interesting to make a comparison between what a Train Driver on the Golden Railway and on Transnet Freight Rail has to carry. I would imagine that a Metro Rail Train Driver’s kit is as toned down as one on the Golden Railway as I’ve never seen them carrying much with them at Pretoria station or when they ride on the Golden Railway.

This list was provided to me by my Panel Route Supervisor, Bennie Jordaan, from his time as a Train Driver for what was then Spoornet (Items marked * are not supplied by the Company):

Transnet Freight Rail/PRASA, Shosholoza Meyl Mainline Passenger Trains –


General Appendix
Local Appendix
SD1 – Working over CTC sections
SD2 – Working over Interlocking Sections
T403 – Trip Reports
WTB – Work Train Book (Time Table Book)
Pack of Empty Train Journals


5 x T50 – Do Not Move Wagon
6 x T49 – Axel Repair
Pack of 1325 – Wagon Certificates
Book of 1257 – Train Parted Report
Clipboard (for the Journals)


Leather case to carry books, forms and cards
Kitbox (Blik) to carry below items
Reverser Key
Independent Brake Handle
B22 Key
B1 Key
Carriage Key
Chubb Key – unlocks points tumblers and almost every other padlock on the railway (one key to rule them all, lol)
4 x Wooden Plugs (To make a through pipe on a brake cylinder)
2 x Vacuum Washers
Binding Wire*
Shifting Spanner
Flat Screwdriver
Monkey Wrench
Red Flag – Stop
Orange Flag – Pass Colour Light at Danger
Green Flag -Alright Signal for Crossing of Trains/Permission to Proceed
3 Colour Hand Lamp and spare battery
Hand Broom
Radio Harness
Reflector Jacket
Dish Cloth*
‘Poch’ Soap – For washing the windows
‘Viva’ Soap
Kettle for Hotplate
Bag for personal items*

Now for a Standard Kitbag on the Golden Railway (Kinda embarrassing really, haha!) –


Daily Driving Sheet (Journal)
Train Certificate (When preparing a train in the morning, lists running restrictions)
Operations Degraded Mode Booklet (For attending faults)
Train Driver Procedures Booklet
Any incident reports are done on the computer when arriving back at the Depot
Black Pocket Book*
Any Learner Guide Book from Class* (Not a must, I just bring it)


Carriage Key
Coupler Bonnet Key
Master Key
Conductor Panel Key (Well, this I brought over from my Conductor days)
Radio Pouch
Shoe Polish* (Also not a must but there are individuals who carry including myself – though I don’t have time!)
Water Bottle*
Reflector Vest
Phone Charger*

Leather Bag to Carry all Books, Forms and General items.
Lunch Bag

As you can see the amount of items the Driver on a Rapid Transit Railway has a lot less to carry!

The Kitbox from Steam days would have had even more ‘hardware’!

Below is a picture of Jaco Holtzhausen’s Kit.

Keep well, until next time!



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