Happy New Year!



Corny, I know, but I did promise you in my last post last year that this year would start with a bang – my word is iron.

Well happy New Year, yes, a week has already passed but man, this Festive Season has been BUSY! On the Golden Railway we had people filling up the platforms right up until Christmas Eve.

The Festive Season is a time when families are together and, as you can imagine, it can be sad to be at work while others are with their families. Of course, a person has to put this behind you if you are to work for the Railways or any other organization that needs to run all the time. A great reward though and proud moment, was to get a ‘Thank You’ from the odd passenger or to hear parents saying to their children ‘Look, there goes the Driver’. It’s also great to see them wave at you as you come into the platform.

Another wonderful thing that happened was that all Train Drivers and Conductors received a gift from one of our regular passengers! It really was kind of him and had a good impact on the staff.

I remember that when I was younger and we took the Trans Karoo annually to Cape Town, upon arriving at Cape Town, looking up into the Unit – normally Class 6Es – and thanking the crew for bringing us safely to the terminus and how they would beam with pride and how I so wanted to be like them one day!

Part of what makes the job rewarding is knowing that even though you are working – you really are doing it for a good cause and that’s to unite people with their families or help them start their holidays off well!


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