The Deep End

Yesterday I told you that I would still keep this blog alive and, surprisingly, here is a new post already, from my first day alone!

Things started off quite normal and my day started with a Route Supervisor performing a Task Observation on my driving – as is the norm with all new drivers on their first day – but as I published Becoming a Train Driver – Part 12, a Group Call came through over the radio that we were experiencing Degraded Operations – thunder storms affected the signals on the section of the Main Line next to the Depot. Now, on the Golden Railway, when things are not operating in a normal manner (Normal Operations), we call it Degraded Operations.

I relieved my train which was Southbound. After reporting to CTC that I was relieving and giving them my portable radio number, the CTC Supervisor reminded me that we were still experiencing Degraded Operations and that at a specific signal near the Depot I was to stop and call them as they would authorize my movement over the affected section. The trip went smoothly and I stopped at the signal as ordered. After receiving the relevant authority, I proceeded on-site all the way to the next station. I made a few PA announcements while we were travelling – something I learned from my time as a waiter is to never leave your customers wondering (at that specific time it was why food was taking long to prepare, maybe on a busy day). In this case it would be to apologise to the passengers that we were not able to travel at normal speed. When we arrived at the Southern Terminal, I made a quick turnaround and no passengers complained or asked questions so it seems that my announcements were effective.

After going through the same process again, passing the Depot, Northbound and after passing the halfway station, another Group call was made that Operations were back to normal.

The rest of the evening, everything ran smoothly and all in all it was a good day!

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “The Deep End

  1. EXCELLENT! Well done, my boy…..all I need to do now, is to load credit on my Gold card & catch t train, that YOU ARE DRIVING!!! 🙂 (Happy Days)

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