Becoming a Train Driver – Part 12: Final Day of Being a Learner

So yesterday (08-11-2013) I passed my Practical Assessment!

It’s great to be at work and even better to be assessed at 04h30 – I was done by 06h40! 😀
Took an 8 car southbound out the Depot, relieved that same 8 car northwards and finally a 4 car Midway. I must say that, surprisingly, I felt quite confident – all nervousness seemed to dissipate as I was walking to the train with the Assessor (The same gentleman who was our Facilitator during Theoretical Training).

After arriving back at the Depot, he printed my certificate and filed my results with my other course work in my Portfolio of Evidence file. We then reported to the Traffic Manager who let the Roster Clerk know he could book me on shift from today. The Traffic Manager gave me my Master Key and Sunglasses – Now I’m just waiting for my epaulettes which say Train Driver!

During the past week, my Trainer Driver let me focus on getting the North/South Line in my head and to drive it correctly. On the last two days before my practical assessment, he purposefully asked the Roster Clerk for ‘heavy shifts’, this is probably what contributed to my confidence (well, that and prayer).

I must just say that the overwhelming support from my Friends and Family (both on- and offline) and you, my loyal readers, during this course and right up to yesterday’s assessment has been quite humbling – yet another factor in my success.

As I stated in my last Blog Post, this series is now at an end, but this Blog is not of course! Look out next week for my next blog post and THANK YOU once again for your loyal support!

Take it easy – take the train!


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