Becoming a Train Driver – Part 11: Practical Driving

– Hit 5 Pigeons
– Hit 1 Guinea Fowl
– Received 1 Compliment from a passenger
– Drove on the Airport Line

This was my first day driving last week Wednesday, a successful day in my opinion. I also received compliments from my Trainer Driver.
Thursday, I drove the North/South line – what a challenge it is compared to the shorter and geographically different Airport line.

I have grown to love both lines, whereas as a Conductor I always preferred the North/South line. I prepare the trains in the morning before taking them out on the line and have grown confident and quicker at doing it.

I enjoyed a my last weekend off for a long time and have been mainly focussing on the North/South line which is the line I will be assessed on. I will be practically assessed this coming Friday. Ash will be assessed on Thursday and Foxtros on Wednesday. We are all confident but slightly nervous – which is human nature I suppose.

I simply love the feeling of being in control of the train, there really isn’t anything like it. It’s also a great challenge to try to keep on time!

Sadly, this series is soon coming to a close and what a journey it’s been! I will add stories, opinions or commentary of course and maybe the odd story from work.

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Becoming a Train Driver – Part 11: Practical Driving

  1. Thanks Scoot!

    I must just say that I have just touched the surface of what goes on behind the scenes, mainly to keep posted short but also for other reasons.

    I also have changed/tweaked names of people/things in certain instances.

    Thanks for following me in my journey and I look forward to adding more posts!

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