Becoming a Train Driver – Part 10: Final Hours of Class

So, here we are – Finally!

Once again it was a busy week! It was the last week of Theory on ODM and also the writing of the last four assessments for EMU and ODM.

I only got a few wrong in EMU and in ODM which I will be rewriting tomorrow.

The Breakfast at Mugg and Bean with the CEO and HR Manager was awesome! Another Train Driver, a lady from Customer Service and I travelled together. I got to sit right next to the HR Manager and the CEO was next to her.

It was interesting hearing about his previous work experience!

Today, the family and I went out to a new Train Themed park called Cedar Junction. It seems to me that they are just starting out, but once complete, I think it will be a place to visit often!

Tomorrow, after the rewrites, we will be going for lunch as a Congratulations from The Company. It is the first time they are doing the initiative, so the class is quite proud.

If everything is running the way it should, I will be booked with my trainer driver from Tuesday and for the next two weeks he will be showing me the tricks of the trade. The moment of truth has arrived! After all these years, I cannot believe I’m finally here!






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