Becoming A Train Driver – Part 8: Train Preparation Assessment

Well, well, well – this week was very interesting!

I passed my assessment on Train Prep. on Wednesday! Whoop! Whoop!

That afternoon I received a cryptic email that invited me to attend the Exco meeting yesterday (Friday) at 13h00. At first I thought it was a mistake but then I checked who the email was addressed to and all the names there were not Executives of the company!

This made me worried as I didn’t know what to expect and I asked a few of my managers, Facilitator, Bennie (my Panel Route Supervisor) and a few of the other people on the list, but they all did not know what it was about.

So around 12h50, we go up and wait outside the Main Boardroom, all looking nervous. The H.R. Manager walked by once or twice and she pretended not to know why we were all waiting there. Eventually they called us in and we piled in and stood in front of the Projector Screen and they told us to please move to the back of the room. The H.R. Manager then told us with a huge smile that she knew why we were there and that we could stop worrying as it was for something good.

A while back, The Company decided to start a monthly Star Awards program where each department would choose up to two employees to win a prize – one called The Unsung Hero and the other The Innovative Employee. All those who have won one of these awards go into a draw to win a Weekend Away up to the value of R15000 at the end of the year. You also receive a Woolworths voucher upon winning an award.

As a bonus, because we have a new CEO, we were all invited to breakfast with the CEO at Mugg & Bean in two weeks time, I hope that the Facilitator will allow me to leave class to go!

I was once on the simulator this week and did well in the practice scenarios.

We’ve completed EMU, but are still writing a few assessments on it. We’ve started with Operations Degraded Mode (ODM) yesterday. This covers how to attend to a few faults that may occur during service on the train.

Monday is going to be very interesting! I will be 04h30 on duty as I will be taking a Dead Head train to one of the Terminal Stations before service starts. The Facilitator will accompany me and the Scheduled Driver will take over once we reach the Terminal. We will all get a chance, one per day until the 24th of October which will be our second last day in class!

That’s it folks! Until next time!



Certificate: Innovative Employee of the Month



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