Becoming A Train Driver – Part 7: Bitter-sweet News

Good afternoon one and all!

We are nearing the end of our course, just three weeks left from tomorrow and then we will start with practicals and actually doing full shifts, each with a Senior Driver.

On Friday we wrote an assessment on Cab Equipment, Train Preparation & Stabling and the Depot Layout.

A bit of bitter-sweet news: I made a critical error during my practical assessment of Train Preparation so will have to do it again. So far, I’ve been booked to do Train Preparation for a last attempt on Wednesday. I did everything else correctly though and I’m 100% positive I’ll not make that same mistake again soon. Now that I’ve gone through the process, I’m also not as nervous.

The whole class will get a chance to do their Train Preparation Assessments on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. The Facilitator organized a permit for the class to utilise the Standby Train’s Driver and Train on Thursday to let us practice train preparation.

Tomorrow, we will carry on with course work, focusing on Degraded Mode. From what I gather most of the time now will be spent on this and how to attend to certain problems on the EMU. We will also practicing on the Simulator. This weekend, we had to write a Summative Assessment to demonstrate our knowledge of Signalling Rules, due tomorrow.

Well, that’s all the updates for now, hope your weekend was great and good luck for the week ahead. I wish it would rain though as it’s sweltering, lol!


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