Becoming A Train Driver – Part 5: Bennie, my Mentor and Friend


Bennie and a Family of RFAD

Good day Friends!

On Thursday we completed our Signaling Module and I must say that I really enjoyed the two final assessments. After lunch, the Facilitator took us to the Stabling Tracks so that we could begin with learning about the various Isolating Cocks and their locations, other various external parts and how to describe them, and also an internal inspection starting from one cab to the other. He also took us to the maintenance shed so that we could view Pantograph and Bogie parts.

I think I will enjoy the EMU module the most! One benefit we have is that, having been Conductors, we are familiar with the train already. What makes this interesting is that we are learning about the different functions and controls and when to use them.

The last week we haven’t been on the simulator as our Facilitator wanted us to focus on the last part of Signaling for the final assessments. This week our facilitator is on leave, so another is taking over – he will be taking us through Train Preparation the whole week. Our usual Facilitator has promised that he’ll have a nice assessment on Train Preparation waiting for us on his return.

Luckily, during training, we get to enjoy Public Holidays too, so Tuesday – National Heritage Day (aka Braai Day) – my family will be coming over and we’ll be enjoying Snoek and a Potjie Braai, I’m looking forward to that!

I just want to also dedicate this post to a Great Mentor and Friend – Bennie Jordaan. Without whom I would not get this far, his belief in me and tips have helped me tremendously! In the picture, he is standing with a family from Reach For A Dream (RFAD) – the little boy in Yellow has always wanted to be a Train Driver, he also has survived Cancer. The picture is by RFAD.

That’s the news for now! Have an awesome weekend and chat soon!


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