Becoming A Train Driver – Part 4: Nicknames

Good evening ladies and gentlemen 🙂

Well, it’s been a weekend of studying as we are going to have more assessments everyday up to Thursday. Our facilitator also plans to take us out for more practicals on cranking points (turnouts) on Tuesday.

I had my first scenario on the simulator, after learning the North/South and Airport Lines, and got through it quite well. Our Facilitator treated us to a Brunch on Friday after our assessment at O’ Galito.

Our Facilitator wants to begin with EMU (Electrical Multiple Units) on Friday – the part I’ve really been looking forward to as we get to learn about every nut and bolt of the Golden Railway’s rolling stock.

A few of the other members of our class have new nicknames – one is Lonmin (after the mining company), as he revealed that he used to work on the mines, hehe. Another got Deco after muddling up a practice phonetic message and saying Deco instead of Delta – in his defense, we were in the Depot area, so I’m sure you can see how the two melded together, lol!

I got Professor2 as in the class before ours, just over two years ago, there was a lady that wrote out rules word for word in her assessments – she was obviously Professor. It hasn’t stuck, so I don’t count it yet. So far we are up to, excluding mine: Zorro, Foxtros, Mbeki, Deco, Lonmin and Class Captain (Ash was my own nickname for him as this was on his BBM profile name, so won’t include it either until he gets one from the class), this leaves three of us yet to get an official name.

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber, hope you all have a wonderful and successful week ahead! Until next time, bye for now…..


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