Becoming A Train Driver – Part 2: Communication and Signalling Assessments

We wrote an assessment on Wednesday and man was it a tough one! Mainly because it deals with Communication as a whole and not just in terms of ‘this is how to talk on a radio’ but also using body language and voice tone and how to conduct oneself in all forms of communication – written and verbal.

Very interesting stuff!

On Thursday I got to the Depot nice and early – 05h30. Ash and myself were the first two to familiarize ourselves on the simulator. This is unofficial training, the Facilitator allows us to come earlier before lessons so that we can all get used to the simulator before doing the scenarios.

Well, to say the least, it was nerve wrecking! Much more fun than on a computer though! We started with the days activities – namely, a walk about tour of the Depot and practicing to Crank Points. Only myself and Class Captain got to crank though as they had to cancel our permit because they lost radio contact with us, oh well, try again.

Today we wrote our first assignment on the Signaling Module, which we started yesterday. We went out again today to see the Neutral Section up close and practice cranking points again. We had to wait for the end of Peak Time as trains come by often and the Neutral Section is located on a viaduct, so we had to go in between the head ways of the trains. Trust me – a train flying past you at 160km/h is no joke!

Well, that is the first week of class, I’ve got studying to do this weekend on track layouts and points (turnouts), etcetera. Also got to learn the signaling layout and Train Preparation Theory (Our facilitator is really good, he prepares a person well in advance, this is for EMU).

Enjoy your weekend my friends and followers!


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