Becoming A Train Driver – Part 1: Here We Go!

So FINALLY it happened! After two years and a few months as a Conductor, I have made it to the Trainee Train Driver’s course here at the Golden Railway and will eventually qualify to become a full on Train Driver.

Up to now, I had to go through psychometric and VTS tests, Medicals and interviews and I made it through, so here I am!

So yesterday we started with the Traction Power module – you know, where the trains on the Golden Railway get their juice from and the various locations of substations and voltage ratings and anything really to do with the overhead power lines.

But before we got stuck into that, our facilitator introduced himself and laid down the ground rules for the class and what he is expecting from us and so on. We dived right in and got down to it and finished quicker than expected too! Perhaps it helps that the class this time is a full house of Conductors and therefore know the basics of most stuff – compared to someone from Customer Service perhaps, for whom it would be more challenging since they don’t cover it in their course work.

The Facilitator also asked during the course of the day who would like to join him at the Depot at 06h00 on Thursday. He didn’t specify the reason but I volunteered and then so did Ash (I shall refer to my colleagues by their nicknames during this series). We were elated to hear that we would be the FIRST two to familiarize ourselves with the Simulator on Thursday. Earlier we had elected a class captain (This will also be his nickname) and afterwards the Facilitator asked Class Captain to make up a Roster so that every day two different people would have a go from Friday onwards.

So, finally, the day came to an end and this Trainee’s brain was fried! Panic Stations as today we had to write the Assessment for Traction Power. I was up until late and up early studying and I’m pleased to say that yours truly was found Competent!! Yeah Baby!!!

Today we covered the Communication Module – again in one day – and tomorrow will be yet again another assessment. I must say this is challenging me as I have not studied so much in a while and I think it’s all good!

So that’s the update until now and today is the Gov.’s birthday so lemme enjoy some cake while studying! Bye for now!


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