The New Recruits

Well, well, well – I didn’t expect to publish twice today! Hello once again to you, my fellow bloggers and followers!

As you might have guessed from the title, 15 new Conductors have joined us on the Roster. Each will be escorting a senior Conductor from today until Wednesday. From Thursday, they will be available for full utilization. Sadly, this time, no one has been rostered with me. It’s always good seeing new faces – the nervousness, excitement and wonder – all at once.

A week from today my class starts for trainee Train Driver. I’m quite excited and wish time would pass just a little faster this week! Though I think that the first day will probably be spent sorting out our Contracts, SAMS Cards and a few other odds & ends. We will also be shown to our Class Room and the Simulator Room and then probably start with training.

There are 7 of us that have been recruited as full on Drivers and 2 as Operating Drivers – which are Conductors with Driver’s duties.

Each day the feeling gets more real. Since receiving that first test email, our links end on the 31st of August (Saturday) on the Conductor’s Calendar and new links added to the Driver’s Calendar – obviously listed as under training for now, the Daily Roster also will reflect this. In addition, we have received a schedule of what we will be covering and allocated days for each module.

The course consists of:

ATP (Signaling);
EMU; and;
Practical Training

We have been given the option to have the weekend off, I have obliged since I worked my Rest Day today and will again tomorrow. I also want to rest before I have to flood my mind with info again.

Thanks for reading and leave a comment, I love it when you ask questions or comment! Until next time, go well!


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